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Attendance Permits, Outside Bonita

How to Get an Approved Permit

How to Get an Approved Permit iconHow to Get an Approved Permittitle

If you reside outside the boundaries of the Bonita Unified School District, but would like your child to attend a Bonita Unified school, please follow the process below.
1) Obtain an Inter-District Attendance application (release form) from your district of residence.
2) Obtain a current attendance record, discipline record, and report card from your child's school (does not apply to incoming Kindergarten students).
3) Submit the application, plus the documentation from step (2) to your district of residence and ask them to mail the package of information to Bonita Unified once your application has been approved for release.
Once the application is received by Bonita Unified, it will be reviewed by the requested school to check that capacity exists in the requested grade level, and that the student requesting the transfer meets all criteria for attendance on a permit. Permit criteria can be found by clicking here: Criteria
Following the review, the Office of Student Services will notify the parent/guardian of the final decision.
This process is generally completed within 10 days once Bonita Unified receives all documents listed above.
NOTE: If the student has an active IEP, there is an additional review step by the Special Education Department. For students with an IEP, a permit may be denied if any of the services required by the IEP do not exist at the requested school, or if any of the services required by the IEP are at capacity. This review step will add additional time to the overall review process.