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Specialized Student Services

Senior Director

Senior Director iconSenior Directortitle

photo of man at desk
    Mark Rodgers
    909-971-8330, x. 5320
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Specialized Services Coordinators

Specialized Services Coordinators iconSpecialized Services Coordinatorstitle

Danielle Walker - San Dimas Schools
909-971-8330, x. 5343
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Marcie Peoples - La Verne Schools
909-971-8330, x. 5346
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Foster and Homeless Youth Support

Foster and Homeless Youth Support iconFoster and Homeless Youth Supporttitle

Tiffany Merrill - San Dimas Schools
909-971-8200, x. 4028
Mo Williams - La Verne Schools
909-971-8200, x. 2013
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Instructional Coach

Instructional Coach iconInstructional Coachtitle

Taylor Smith
909-971-8202, ext. TBD
Support Staff

Support Staff iconSupport Stafftitle

Margaret McDonald
Specialized Services Support
909-971-8330, x. 5341
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Kim Saavedra
Student Services Support
909-971-8330, x. 5321
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Tina Griffin
Foster Youth Support, CALPADS
909-971-8330, x. 5323
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Barbara Bowles
SEIS, Transportation, Student Placement
909-971-8330, x. 5342
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Libby DeHaan
Attendance Permits, Work Permits
909-971-8330, x. 5324
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Work Experience

Work Experience iconWork Experiencetitle

Linda Chute
Program Technician
909-971-8230 x3026
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