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For several months now, Bonita Unified has been talking about the Hero’s Journey, learning from the wisdom of myth and legend how to manage change. I must be honest, as a human being and as a Superintendent, sometimes I can’t get past the first word: hero. There can be an unrealistic sense of responsibility to make greatness happen if I think I have to be a hero. But to be a hero is not our quest. It’s the process of becoming more heroic and the disciplines that develop heroic qualities that will allow us to accomplish great things together. From The Hero’s Journey by John L. Brown and Cerylle A. Moffet, we learn that “We never really arrive at the point of being a hero, but we are constantly becoming heroic. We don’t ever ‘get there.’ We are always ‘getting there.’ The horizons keep moving, and the needs keep evolving.”

A Collective Quest—we are in this together
Brown and Moffett continue, “Whether consciously or unconsciously recognized, the modern educator’s quest involves a collective search for a way to make our schools and school systems...capable of addressing the needs of increasingly diverse student populations and complexities associated with the social, economic, and moral demands that society places on our system of public education.”

In February, Tyler Durman spoke at the Parent Partnership Academy, a series of parent workshops, presented by the Specialized Services Department of Bonita Unified School District. Durman has been part of our quest by speaking to parents and students on many occasions. His address in February encouraged parents to balance their efforts in providing, preparing, and protecting their children for their future. For parents, the goal is for children to develop independence so that they can eventually provide for and protect themselves in their future.

Innovate with Purpose

Speaking of preparing students for the future, Bonita Unified is using the construct of the Hero’s Journey to help us navigate our pursuit of Personalized Learning, which allows teachers to adjust learning so students have some choices about how and where they are learning and the ability to adjust the pace based upon student need. Instruction is adapted to the student's learning style to acquire information, collaborate with others, and choose the method of demonstrating mastery of a standard. This is much more than providing 1:1 access to technology and then protecting students from the pitfalls of the Internet. This is much more than innovation for its own sake. Personalized Learning is the conduit for preparation in a complex world.

Tuned In...To You

As businesses can fail when they bring products or services to the market if they guess what their consumers need, assume what they want, and tell them why they need their solution, school districts can fall into the same trap. We don’t want to guess, assume, or tell our educational stakeholders anything without first understanding what they want and need. Instead, we are tuning in to listen to our students, parents, teachers, staff, and community. The Stakeholder Input Meeting on March 21, 2017, from 5:30-7:30 p.m. at the Lone Hill Middle School Multi-Purpose Room is a fantastic time for community members to help the District understand your needs and desires for students. This is an opportunity to provide input on the District’s Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP), which is the District’s three-year funding plan as mandated by the California Department of Education (CDE).

For a School District, becoming heroic means addressing the needs of increasingly diverse student populations in an increasingly complex world. I’m so grateful that the Bonita Unified School District is becoming heroic together, innovating with purpose, and tuning in to our community.


Christina Goennier, Ed.D.

Twitter: @BUSD4kids