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Staying the Course to Personalized Learning

Bonita Unified School District is committed to a culture of continuous learning. Remember learning how to ride a bike? Many of us fell down several times before we were able to take off and leave our training wheels behind. Learning from failures creates a mindset that allows us to handle any test and trials that come our way.

How does this relate to our journey to Personalized Learning?  Inevitably, we will experience problems along the way, such as when the Internet goes down, a device breaks or there are software glitches, to name a few. However, problems are a part of the change process that allows us to demonstrate to others, including our students, what it means to persevere. Sometimes, the lesson of how to handle a mistake or a problem, is the lesson to be learned.

It is just as important to create a plan with strategies to ensure success. One strategy we continue to use is to provide differentiated professional learning for our teachers, co-educational and administrative staff members. Through differentiation, we can address the various concerns with Personalized Learning from understanding what the shift will mean for employees, to whether or not they will be successful with the change, and finally, to see how making the change will really make a difference to student learning. By doing this, we are able to, not only address their concerns, but also be able to motivate and support staff during transition.

Another strategy is to continue to build capacity within the school district. A school district is an integration of many systems. As we implement change, it is important that we recognize that a change in one area will affect another area. It is important to have a plan for assessing the intended and unintended results of change.

Over the next few months we will be seeking input on a variety of topics that affect Bonita Unified School District. Specifically, we need input on our Local Control Accountability Plan and our Future Readiness Plan. When you see these surveys, or if you have a chance to participate in the focus groups, I encourage you to please take a few minutes to give us your feedback. The following link will take you to these surveys:


Christina Goennier, Ed.D.

Twitter: @BUSD4kids