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Student Services


The Bonita Unified School District Office of Student Services oversees the following functions within the district:


  • Child welfare and attendance
  • Support for youth in foster care and families experiencing homelessness
  • School-based health services
  • School-based counseling services and community-based mental health partnerships
  • Discipline procedures, including expulsions and involuntary transfers
  • New student enrollment and registration
  • Transfer permits for enrollment in a school other than the school of residence
  • Support and process for students with a 504 Plan
  • Support and process for students in need of the district home/hospital program
  • Oversight of COVID-related operations and protocols

VISION STATEMENT: The Student Services team is committed to providing world class support, facilitation, process, and data management in support of the students, staff and parents/guardians of the Bonita Unified School District.



If you cannot find the information you need, click here for contact information for the Student Services team: CONTACT INFORMATION