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CIS Staff


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Nick Giglia sitting at his desk
1 Computer Tech working on a computer
photo of Kathleen Thurman on hydraulic lift with another person
photo of Nate Franke talking on phone at desk
photo of Mr. Sandoval at desk with computer
Network Engineer and Manager working
2 CIS Technicians working on computers
3 CIS Technicians working on Computers
CIS Technicians working on computers
photo of Don Nasmyth at computer in office

Computer Support

Help DeskSupport- Extension: 8880

CIS Staff


Bob Ford Chief Technology Officer
Dori Kelly Technology Support Specialist


Nick Giglia Network & Systems Manager
Thet Naing Network & Systems Engineer
Nathan Franke
Support Manager
Brian Degen
Kevin Duong
Jason Sandoval
Technology Support Technician
Technology Support Technician
Technology Support Technician
Lead Computer Technician


Inge Gunanto
Database Administrator