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English Language Learners

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English Language Learners

The Bonita Unified School District is committed to ensuring that your child has access to every resource possible to be successful. There are over 580 students in the Bonita Unified School District, representing over 23 languages, who are English Learners. We are committed to ensuring every child whose first language is not English, or who is considered an English Learner, has access to extra support. We have a committed group of parents whose students are working toward English proficiency and academic success. Parents can contact Nancy Sifter (; 909-971-8330) to learn more about programs available to support English Learners.


EL Summer Support Program: June 19-July 14, 2017

The Bonita Unified School District is offering a 4-week summer program for English Learners in grades K-8 designed to help students with English language development and English proficiency. This program will provide instruction and activities to improve literacy skills, emphasize the development of academic   vocabulary, and strengthen writing skills. Students will receive instruction in small classes and assistance in small group and individual settings. This class is recommended for any student designated as an English Language Learner.

BUSD is also excited to offer a summer course for parents of English Learners in our district who are enrolled in the English Learner Summer Program. This course is offered to teach parents how they can assist their students at home and improve their own English skills. Working together, we can build the bridge between school and home to help your child succeed!

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DAC DELAC Minutes and BUSD Title III Plan


Nancy Sifter
Program Coordinator
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Aurora Veliz
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