Bonita Unified School District

115 W. Allen Ave. San Dimas, CA 91773   |  Phone: (909)971-8200
School Safety Hot Line: (909)394-9393 (Anonymous Reporting)

Educational Services

Matthew Wien - Assistant Superintendent

909-971-8200, x5300


The purpose of the Educational Services Division is to provide the support needed for schools, principals, and teachers to insure that every student who steps into our classrooms is given the opportunity to access their dreams through an exemplary educational program.  In order to do this we focus on providing:
  • A supportive learning environment
  • Curriculum based upon State and Common Core Standards
  • Current instructional materials and technology 
  • Researched based instructional practices
  • Assessments aligned to learning objectives
  • Outstanding health services
  • The highest expectations for all students

Support Staff

Kathi Garrity
Administrative Assistant
909-971-8200, x5301
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Lisa Rojas
Intermediate Account Clerk
909-971-8200, x5312
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Department Leaders

Chris Ann Horsley
Curriculum and Instruction
909-971-8200, x5310
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Anne Neal
Curriculum and Instruction
909-971-8200, x5313
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Mark Rodgers
Kris Boneman
Educational Technology
909-971-8200, x5314
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Aaron Weathersby
909-971-8200, x5270

Nancy Sifter
School Age Care/Categorical Programs
909-971-8200, x5360
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Kathy Lindenmayer
Health Services
909-971-8200, x3021
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