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Maintenance, Facilities and Operations

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It's our purpose and desire to provide a safe and orderly learning environment that will ensure each student has the opportunity to excel in the classroom.
The mandatory job walks scheduled for the week of April 27 – May 1 will be held as scheduled.  However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, safety precautions must be taken:
  • All attendees will be required to maintain social distancing and wear masks.
  • Bid packets will not be handed out but will be emailed to attendees. Please bring business cards.
  • If you are ill (cough, fever, etc.) please do not attend but send a representative in your place.
Thank you.
Bonita Unified School District
Notice Inviting Bids
Facilities Use Process:

Facilities Use Process:

Contact the site directly to request the use of their facility. The site principal’s signature of approval is required to move the facilities request forward.
Each Use of Facilities form, a multiple-part paper form (NCR), should be filled out completely and a Certificate of Insurance from the vendor/requestor should be attached. 
The site will forward the completed form and all attachments, including the Certificate of Insurance to the Business Services office for final review and approval by the Assistant Superintendent of Business Services.
If the date of the usage is, or covers, a Sunday, it requires Board of Education approval.  To ensure Board approval these should be in our office at least 6 weeks before the event.
Example:  Pop Warner wants to use your site on Sunday, September 29th for photos. The last board meeting we can add that to is September 4th and the deadline for the September 4th Board Meeting is August 16th, over 6 weeks before the event.
2021-22 Board Meeting Dates
2021-22 Deadline Dates
June 15
May 4
July 6
June 1
August 3
June 22
September 7
July 27
October 12
August 31
November 2
September 21
December 14
November 2
California Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act

California Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act

CUPCCA (informal bidding)


Public projects of forty-five thousand dollars ($45,000) or less may be performed by the employees of a public agency by force account, by negotiated contract, or by purchase order. (b) Public projects of one hundred seventy-five thousand dollars ($175,000 If all bids received are in excess of one hundred seventy-five thousand dollars ($175,000), (c) the governing body of the public agency may, by adoption of a resolution by a four-fifths vote, award the contract, at one hundred eighty-seven thousand five hundred dollars ($187,500) or less, to the lowest responsible bidder, if it determines the cost estimate of the public agency was reasonable.


Bonita Unified School District has contracted with Colbi Technologies to provide a web-based process for prequalification called Quality Bidders.  To get started Click Here to Sign Up...

  • For detailed instructions in completing your application, please navigate to the bottom of the page from this link: Contractor Instructions


Please contact Shamica Nance with any questions at or 909-971-8200 ext. 5250.  You may also contact with any questions about the use of the Quality Bidders web-based tool.


Thank you for your interest in prequalify and working with Bonita Unified School District.


For an Approved Contractors List for CUPCCA, please email

Attention Contractors!
At this time, all BUSD job walks scheduled in March have been cancelled.
If you would like to be notified when they are rescheduled, please email
Shamica Nance, Director of Purchasing –
Thank you for your patience and understanding.
Facilities Department

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MONDAY - FRIDAY 4:00PM - 10:00PM (909) 208-4165, Terry Quinn



If unable to reach individuals above, please contact the district answering service (909) 456-7877. Ask to speak with Robb Harrison, Director of Maintenance

Facilities & Transportation Contacts

Facilities & Transportation Contacts

Name Role Telephone
Robert Harrison Director of Maintenance (909) 971-8320
Ext. 5230
Dane Curtis Supervisor III (Building Maintenance, General Maintenance, Grounds)   (909) 971-8320
Ext. 5234
Terry Quinn       Supervisor III (Custodial Operations) (909) 971-8320
Ext. 5233