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Transportation Information

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2022/23 Bus Pass Info

Bus seats are limited due to space availability guidelines for transportation.  Due to the limited number of spaces available for bus passes, bus pass registration will be determined by lottery based on bus seats available per bus per site, not on a first-come-first-served basis.
2022/23 School Year Bus Pass Timeline/Process
Update (1/10/2023): We are experiencing a shortage of Bonita USD Bus Drivers.  Bus service has remained in place as we work to combine current routes, but there have been delays in our response time for accepting new students.
If your student is in Kindergarten-5th grade...
Please complete the Elementary-Bus Pass Interest Form to let us know you are interested in receiving transportation services.  We check this form once a week and will send you an email to confirm when a seat is available to add transportation services for your student(s). 
Please refer to steps listed below for additional information regarding the bus pass process. 
If your student is in 6th-12th grade...
We have paused the process of accepting new riders during our driver shortage. We will check availability for new students interested in transportation services and attempt to route your students when we are open the bus lottery again. Continue to check our website for updated information on the process. 
1. All families with transportation needs for the 2022/23 school year need to complete a Bus Pass Interest Survey.  The Interest Survey informs the Transportation Department that you are interested in receiving transportation services for the current school year and enters your student(s) in our Bus Pass Lottery.  
  • Transportation checks interest survey lottery submissions and bus space availability weekly.
  • Submit your form here to be entered into the Bus Lottery-BUS PASS INTEREST SURVEY 2022/23
2. Once you are approved in the bus lottery, accepted, and routed, you will receive an email with a link to complete the bus pass application process. 
3. Complete the application process by filling in the form from the acceptance link that is emailed and upload a Bus Pass Photo (that meets the requirements listed on the Bus Pass Photo ID page). 
4. Invoices will be sent to your MySchoolBucks account for payment. 
  • Bus Pass will not be printed until payment has been received. 
5. Once your payment is confirm, your student(s) bus pass will printed so that they may began utilizing transportation services. 
  • For passes paid for before August 23rd, 2022- Buses passes are mailed to the address in your student(s) aeries account. 
  • For passes paid for after August 23rd, 2022- You will receive an email confirming that your payment has been made.  You will then be given a date when your bus pass(es) will be available to receive from your students bus driver. 
* Students who have not completed their bus pass application OR have an unpaid balance will not be eligible for transportation services. Transportation services will be available or restored once the aforementioned has been addressed.
Need to...
Request a bus stop change 
Request a bus pass reprint 
Replace a lost, damage or stolen bus pass
Request a change in AM/PM services or cancel transportation services...
Please submit the following form- Bus Pass Reprinting Form


Bus Safety Information

Here are a few important reminders:
  • Bus Stops have been Designated by the Dispatcher and Transportation Director based on the address information provided on the bus lottery interest form.
  • Assigned seats will be given to every rider on the first day that transportation begins. Seating charts are created based on the students' bus stops and shared members within the same household.
  • Multiple stop locations are not available due to space limitations.
  • School Bus Drivers are only allowed to pick up and release students at stops approved by the district.
  • Students will be asked to display their bus pass daily. Repeated failure to show passes may result in loss of riding privilege.
  • In an effort to provide transportation for those in need, students that miss 5 consecutive days in a 30 day period will be removed from transportation. 
  • All buses are equipped with video monitoring systems.
  • All students (in grades higher than Kindergarten) will be self released at their bus stop.  If a student does not see a parent or guardian at a bus stop, and does not feel safe to be released at their stop alone, the student will be returned to the school site.
    • We cannot give courtesy calls at every stop, or wait more than 1 minute for a parent or guardian while unloading at our stops. 
  • Kindergarten students
    • Can ride to school in the AM at the beginning of the school year. 
    • Can ride home from school in the PM when the Kindergarten schedule matches the elementary sites all day schedule. 
      • Currently we do not offer midday Kindergarten transportation services.
    • Require a minimum of two guardians on their application for PM release. 
Seating Assignments
  • Assigned seats will be given to every rider before they are able to ride on a route following Federal, State and local laws
  • During loading, students will seat from the rear of the bus forward to prevent students from walking past each other
  • Students will be routed and assigned a seat to prevent students from walking past one another. Morning runs should be routed so that a student's assigned seat coincides when they board the bus and afternoon runs should be boarded based on the order in which students will be dropped off. For example, students who get off first should board last and sit in the front
  • Dispatcher will create the seating chart based on students routing and give assigned seating chart to the Driver assigned to complete the route.
Regular Cleaning Practices
  • Buses are expected to be thoroughly cleaned daily by Drivers
  • Drivers are provided cleaning materials, including but not limited to wipes and disposable gloves, to support cleaning of frequently touched surfaces during the day
  • Clean and sanitize/disinfect all used areas of the vehicle at least daily
    • Begin with sweeping/vacuuming the floor
    • Clean and sanitize/disinfect all areas working top/bottom and back/front
  • Frequent touch points such as seats, handrails, and window ledges may need to be cleaned and sanitized/disinfected between trips of different student groups.
 For additional information please refer to our Transportation Safety Plan, Safety Rules and Procedures and our Bus Rider Policy


Rose Lee
Director of Transportation
(909) 971-8200 Ext. 5260
Virgiliu Buducea
Dispatcher/Driver Trainer
(909) 971-8200 Ext. 5262
Bus Pass Sales Questions 
Dispatch/Trip Questions 

Bus Pass Photo ID

Bus Pass Photo ID
To begin the process of printing your Bonita Unified School District Bus Pass for the 2022-2023 school year, we will need a current photo and some general information.  All riders need to have a photo submitted for their bus pass. Before completing your students Bus Pass Application, please review the information below.  

Taking Your Picture

  • Submit a current color photo, taken within the last month.  
  • Have someone else take your photo.  No Selfies.  Do not use filters commonly used on social media. 
  • Use a high-resolution digital device. 
  • Use a clear image of your full face, 3-5 ft. headshot (your face should not be covered by hair, hats, or accessories).
  • Take off your eyeglasses for your photo.
  • Avoid shadows by having sufficient light. The photo is clear and in color, reproduces skin tones accurately.
  • Proper attire for official ID picture: ideally plain shirt/top meeting “passport” quality attire.
  • Use a plain white or off-white background.   No glamour/fancy or sloppy photoshopped backgrounds.
  • Picture file must be in .jpg format and saved as your students ID number. 
    • Example:Student Name:  Susannah Sample-Sampleton, Permanent ID #:012345678
      Save Photo As:  012345678.jpg
  • We will REJECT pictures that do not meet these basic standards and ask you to resubmit.
Good Examples Bad Examples:
boy with white shirt with gray background thumbs up icon
girl with black shirt and instrument with thumbs down icon
girl with lavender shirt white background with thumbs up icon boy white shirt busy background with thumbs down
*Free online photo editing software is available (check privacy and end-user policies prior to using any of these sites).  These links are offered as a convenience to you; no implicit or explicit endorsement by Bonita Unified School District should be assumed when using these editing tools: 

Uploading and Submitting your Photograph

  • Upload your picture to your computer (crop if needed).
  • Save/Rename your photo with your student's 9-digit permanent ID number.
Student Name:  Susannah Sample-Sampleton, Permanent ID #:012345678
Save Photo As:  012345678.jpg
  • Once you upload your child's photo please allow for a 10 business day processing period.
  • Fill out the form below and submit your picture with it.
  • Your photo will be reviewed for approval.  If problems arise you’ll be contacted (problems could be, but are not limited to quality/size, attire, or file not named correctly).
Registered riders BEFORE August 15th, 2022
  • Bus passes for students who have completed their application, and payment has been confirmed, will be mailed to students’ addresses listed in their Aeries accounts on August 15th, 2022. 
Registered riders AFTER August 15th, 2022
  • Families will receive an email once their application has been completed and payment has been confirmed. 
  • Bus passes will be given to the students Bus Driver for distribution. 
* Students who have not completed their bus pass application OR have an unpaid balance will not be eligible for transportation services. Transportation services will be available or restored once the aforementioned has been addressed.
**Your photo submission will only be used strictly for the Bus Pass ID card purpose only.  It will not be used or distributed to other media outlets.
To resubmit your photo, or ask questions please contact our Transportation Department via email  Please allow 1-2 business days to respond.