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Transportation services will be provided for special education students, who have it indicated in their IEP.  Bus services for general education have been suspended for the 2020/21 school year. 
Seating Assignments
  • Assigned seats will be given to every rider before they are able to ride on a route following Federal, State and local laws  
  • During loading, students will seat from the rear of the bus forward to prevent students from walking past each other
  • Students will be routed and assigned a seat to prevent students from walking past one another.  Morning runs should be routed so that a student's assigned seat coincides when they board the bus and afternoon runs should be boarded based on the order in which students will be dropped off. For example, students who get off first should board last and sit in the front
  • Dispatcher will create the seating chart based on students routing and give assigned seating chart to the Driver assigned to complete the route. 
  • Per CDC guidelines, windows should be open to the greatest extent possible. Two windows on a bus should be opened fully at a minimum
  • Drivers will avoid using systems with increased airflow across occupants (e.g., air conditioners or fans blowing overhead creating air currents of recirculated air across occupants)
Face Coverings
  • Drivers shall wear a face covering at all times when passengers are present
  • Drivers may also wear a face shield while loading and unloading riders
    • A face shield may not be worn while driving the school bus
  • Passengers will be required to wear a face covering while loading, riding, and unloading
  • Drivers will ensure that extra-unused face coverings are on their bus during their pre-trip inspections, for riders who may have inadvertently failed to bring one
Regular Cleaning Practices
  • Buses are expected to be thoroughly cleaned daily by Drivers  
  • Drivers are provided cleaning materials, including but not limited to wipes and disposable gloves, to support cleaning of frequently touched surfaces during the day
  • Clean and sanitize/disinfect all used areas of the vehicle at least daily 
    • Begin with sweeping/vacuuming the floor
    • Clean and sanitize/disinfect all areas working top/bottom and back/front
  • Frequent touch points such as seats, handrails, and window ledges may need to be cleaned and sanitized/disinfected between trips of different student groups
For additional information please refer to the Elementary Schools Reopening Handbook.