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Elementary Curriculum



Curriculum Framework Summaries

  • ELA/ELD Framework Summary—the English Language Arts/English Language Development Framework for California Public Schools: Kindergarten Through Grade Twelve offers guidance for providing all California students a world-class education ​in English language arts and in literacy in history/social studies, science, and technical subjects.
  • History-Social Science Framework—the History-Social Science Framework for California Public Schools: Kindergarten Through Grade Twelve offers guidance for educators as they design, implement, and maintain a coherent course of study to teach content, develop inquiry-based critical thinking skills, improve reading comprehension and expository writing ability, and promote an engaged and knowledgeable citizenry in history and the related social sciences.
  • Mathematics Framework Summary​—the Mathematics Framework for California Public Schools, K–12 highlights essential information and provides guidance in mathematics. It includes a wealth of information and support for teachers, administrators, and parents/guardians.
  • Science Framework Summary— the Science Framework for California Public Schools: Kindergarten Through Grade Twelve supports a three-dimensional vision of science education and is a valuable resource for teachers, administrators, parents, and curriculum developers. In the California Next Generation Science Standards (CA NGSS), students need to do more than simply know about science; they need to know core science and engineering ideas, do science and engineering, and think like scientists and engineers.
Curriculum Currently Used to Support the Frameworks Above:
Handwriting Without Tears teacher and students editions are provided for TK, K, and 1st grade classrooms. Digital access for teacher presentations is also available. Content covers ELA foundational standards for handwriting and writing for grades TK, K, and 1st grade.
Benchmark Advanced Reading Program
Benchmark Advanced is the state and board adopted core English Language Arts program which covers all K-5 ELA and ELD standards.  The program is supplemented with the Renaissance Accelerated Reading (AR) program to ensure independent reading is encouraged and monitored within the district.
Step Up to Writing
BUSD supports the continued use of Step Up To Writing processes with the new Benchmark Advance materials. Individual schools may supplement their core writing instruction with other support programs.
SIPPS is the foundational reading program for Bonita Unified grades K, 1, and those 2nd grade classrooms where there is a significant number of students who demonstrate that they have not yet mastered phonics skills.  SIPPS Challenge firmly supports students learning to read multisyllabic words and is used in many district classroom grades 2-5.  
SIPPS has 4 levels and can be used up through high school for students who cannot read at grade level:  Beginning, Extension, Plus, and Challenge.
Math - Go Math
Houghton Mifflin’s Go Math program is the state and board adopted Mathematics program chosen, providing  instruction in California Mathematics standards K-5. The Go Math program is used by Bonita’s schools with suggestions for edits/changes made in the Achieve the Core document .
Reflex Math
Reflex Math is an online math fluency program used at all eight elementary schools to support the learning of math fluency standards.
Social Science
Bonita Unified has adopted the following programs to enable effective teaching of the History Social Studies Standards:
  • Benchmark Advanced Social Studies Supplements for grades K-1
  • McGraw Hill Impact for grades 2, 3, and 5
  • Studies Weekly for grade 4
The mixed adoption allows Bonita students to be successful mastering grade level HSS standards.  The instructional shifts of the new framework include an emphasis on literacy and inquiry. Students need to learn how to think, read, write, and argue in English.  The programs also include clear standards-based instruction, HSS inquiry skills, literacy, language development, and promote citizenship.
All materials included in this adoption contain teacher/student written material and digital support.  The robust digital components allow students and parents to access the curriculum on any device away from school. The programs also include components for our English Language Learners (ELL), students needing remediation, and students who need more challenging material.
Science PhD
The Great Minds PhD Science®  is a curriculum based on Next Generation Science Standards.  The program is robust, phenomenon based, hands-on, and contains four modules of curriculum consisting of 100 lessons per grade level. We are currently piloting the PhD Science program in some 3rd through 5th grade classrooms. Materials meet the requirements of the Common Core Science standards.  
Science Grid
Currently the Next Generation Science Standards are being met with the utilization of several on-line programs: Mystery Science, Generation Genius, and CK12.
Physical Education
California mandates at least 200 minutes of physical education every 10 school days in grades 1-6, and also requires daily recess. Bonita Unified provides certified PE teachers for grades 4 and 5.  Classroom teachers in grades 1-3 provide the 100 minutes of PE instruction each week.