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Student Services Information

Information on any of the topics on the list below can be found on the Student Services website at
  • Student Services department staff contact information
  • Issues related to school attendance, SART contracts, and SARB hearings
  • Disciplinary procedures, including expulsion and involuntary transfer
  • Enrollment for new students
  • Transfer permits including intra-district and inter-district transfers
  • Enrollment using a work address (Allen Bill)
  • Counseling, mental health, and wellness resources offered through the district
  • Social Work services and resources offered through the district
  • Services for youth placed in foster care
  • Services for youth experiencing homelessness (McKinney-Vento)
  • Support for families seeking emergency assistance with housing, food, or clothing
  • School-based health services for students
  • Annual parent notifications under California Education Code
  • Work permits for students who have obtained employment
  • Title IX information for students and parents
  • Complaint procedures for matters involving students or procedural issues
  • Uniform complaint and Williams complaint procedures
  • Information about special protocols for COVID-19
  • Support and procedures for students under Section 504 (504 Plans)
  • Home/hospital program for students
  • Short-term independent study options