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Meet The Board of Education

Chuck Coyne

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portrait of Board President Chuck Coyne
Chuck Coyne, President

(Term expires December 2018)

School Board Office: (909) 971-8200 Ext. 5101


Chuck was elected to the Bonita Unified School District Board of Governors on November 8, 2005. 

He graduated from nearby Montclair High School in 1970, and attended Chaffey College, and Citrus College, enroute to earning his Bachelor's Degree in Communications from California State University, Fullerton in 1976.  He has worked in the publishing industry for over 30 years, and owns a magazine publishing company based in San Dimas.

Chuck and his wife Janette have lived in the district since 1992, and their daughter graduated from San Dimas High School.  Chuck's activism and involvement with the school district began when his daughter was attending Gladstone Elementary School.

Serving as a member, and then as chairman of the School Site Council, he helped the group provide guidance and support to the school, working with school staff and management to implement innovative programs.  He was also active in the Gladstone PTA as Vice President-Ways and Means, and was selected as the Bonita District PTA Parliamentarian.

Patti Latourelle

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portrait of Board Vice President Patti Latourelle

Patti Latourelle, Vice President

(Term expires December 2018)

School Board Office: (909) 971-8200 Ext. 5101



I have lived in La Verne since 1981 with my husband of 25 years. We have two children, both college-age who attended Bonita schools from Kindergarten through graduation from Bonita High School. I have been active in Bonita Unified School District since our son was in kindergarten. I have been involved with helping in classrooms, as well as being PTA site president and Bonita Council President for two years. I have served on various School Site Council and district committees for many years before being elected to the Board of Education in 2001. I was re-elected to the Board in 2005 with my current focus being the Proposition C Bond funds that we are currently using to modernize all of our schools.


Bonita Unified has made huge strides in the past five years, and I am proud to have been a part of it. Our API scores are high; both comprehensive high schools are California Distinguished Schools and Chaparral is a Model Continuation High School. Our middle and elementary schools continue to be honored for the fabulous work they are doing.


I believe it is the hard work of our dedicated employees, students, and the involvement of parents that have made us the fine district that we are.

Diane Koach

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portrait of Board Member Diane Koach

Diane Koach, Member

(Term expires December 2020)

School Board Office: (909) 971-8200 Ext. 5101


Diane Koach was elected to the Bonita Unified School Board on November 6, 2007. She and her husband, Vince, have three daughters who attended and are graduates of San Dimas High School. The Koach family has lived in San Dimas since the early 1990’s and own a small business located in San Dimas.


Diane has been an active volunteer in the district and community for many years. She is currently a member of the Board of Directors for the La Verne/San Dimas Educational Foundation and the San Dimas Festival of the Arts.  She is also a member of the San Dimas Chamber of Commerce.

Diane feels that we need to give all of the children in our schools the tools necessary for success at every step of their educational experience. She will continue to work hard for our students, listening to parents and community members, and ensuring that we effectively work together as a team.  Her hopes are not just for good schools, but for great schools. Our children deserve the best!

Matthew Lyons

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Photo of Matt Lyons

Matthew Lyons, Member

(Term expires December 2020)

School Board Office: (909) 971-8200 Ext. 5101

Matthew Lyons was appointed to the Bonita Unified School Board on   December 6, 2017.
Matthew attended Citrus College then transferred to Cal Poly Pomona where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Behavioral Science. After graduating from college, he worked in management for Allstate Insurance Company then owned an Allstate Insurance Agency in Upland until 2012. He currently works for the California State Legislature as the Deputy District Director for Assemblymember Chris Holden, 41st Assembly District.

Since 2002, Matthew and his wife Elizabeth have resided in the City of La Verne. Their son Evan attended Grace Miller Elementary, and he is currently a student at Ramona Middle School. 

Matthew served as the Assistant ASB Advisor at San Dimas High School in 1994-95. When his son began kindergarten at Grace Miller Elementary School, he continued to volunteer. He participated on the School Site Councils at Grace Miller Elementary and at Ramona Middle School. At Grace Miller, Matthew served as Public Relations and Family Engagement Chair and continued his PTA involvement at Ramona Middle serving as Vice President of Programs and then as President in 2017-18. He is also a member of the San Dimas and La Verne Chambers of Commerce.

"The District’s well-established, student-centered focus has helped consistently deliver exceptional student outcomes,” Matthew stated, “I will advocate with this focus in all of the discussions and decisions that come before the Board of Education.”
Glenn Creiman

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portrait of Board Member Glenn Creiman
Glenn Creiman, Member

(Term expires December 2020)

School Board Office: (909) 971-8200 Ext. 5101

I am honored to serve on the Governing Board of the Bonita Unified School District and with the trust you have shown in me. My family and I have lived in San Dimas since 1987 and both my children currently attend District schools.

I am a retired Captain for the Los Angeles Fire Department with over 25 years of service and currently stationed in East Los Angeles.

I began my involvement with BUSD when my son entered kindergarten serving as a classroom volunteer, school site council member and the first male PTA President in Bonita Council history, serving three terms.

One principle has guided me from the very beginning, and still applies today. "Is this decision the best possible choice for our children."

Every decision our District makes must be made with this premise in mind and also account for the interests of our other stakeholders, such as our employees, parents and the citizens of our communities. We owe it to our children to provide them with the best educational opportunities possible.

We have a great District with wonderful students, outstanding staff and involved parents. Together we can make it even better.
Student Board of Education Representatives

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3 Bonita Student Board Representatives
The Governing Board believes that engaging the student body and seeking its input and feedback regarding the district's educational programs and activities are vital to achieving the district's mission of educating district students. To enhance communication between the Board and the student body and to encourage student involvement, the Board includes one student Board representative selected by the district's high school students at Board of Education meetings, October through May.

Student representatives serving the 2018-19 school year:
  • Erik Vargas - San Dimas High School
  • Naomi Pearson - Chaparral High School
  • Luke Melkesian - Bonita High School
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A Board member may respond, as appropriate, to an electronic communication received from a member of the community and should make clear that his/her response does not necessarily reflect the views of the Board as a whole. Any complaint or request for information should be forwarded to the Superintendent in accordance with Board bylaws and protocols so that the issue may receive proper consideration and be handled through the appropriate district process.

Like other writings concerning district business, a Board member's electronic communication may be subject to disclosure under the California Public Records Act.