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Bonita Unified School District (BUSD) has been using input from the surveys and meetings with various groups to develop our 2014-2015 Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP). We will be accepting comments on the plan through Friday, April 25. The plan outlines how resources will be allocated to support students. This link, LCAP Draft PLan, is a copy of the plan we are inviting you to review and provide us with any feedback. The plan is outlined as follows:


·         Section 1: Stakeholder Engagement—Describes who was involved and what actions were taken to develop the LCAP

·         Section 2: Goals and Progress Indicators—Details the overall goals BUSD will focus on achieving with indicators for 3 years of what we will strive to accomplish

·         Section 3A & 3B: Actions, Services and Expenditures—Describes the actual actions we will take to meet the District goals over 3 years with an indication of how much it will cost. Note: that you will see TBD in some areas that indicate we are still working on these calculations. Actions without a dollar amount do not require additional money or are covered by another action and we didn’t want to show the dollar amount again

·         Section 3C: Supporting Narrative—Justifies selected expenditures that support all students; however, it will be funded with supplemental money targeted to support at risk students

·         Section 3D: Identified Proportionality—Shows the 2014-2015 supplemental money BUSD will receive targeted to support at risk students and the activities that will support these students


Click this link to provide feedback on the LCAP Plan. If you have any questions please email Nanette Hall at or call 909.971.8200 ext. 5301.

   The documents on this site are provided in PDF format for your convenience. You may need to download the free Adobe Reader to view the PDF files.